Public Statement


Public Statement

December 17, 2019

Dear IJRU and the World Jump Rope community,


Refer to the IJRU press release dated on 16 December 2019, HKRSF would like to express our deepest gratitude to the IJRU leaders who have helped in resolving the rivalry issue between Hong Kong Rope Skipping Association, China (HKRSA) and HKRSF in the past 18 months. We also appreciate IJRU’s intention to have Hong Kong athletes in 2020 IJRU World Championship, and commitment of ensuring that no Hong Kong athlete from HKRSF and HKRSA will be disadvantaged. We look forward to seeing the athletes from both HKRSF and HKRSA, selected based on the principle of “fair and reasonable” as advocated by IJRU for the merge of the two organizations, representing Hong Kong at Ottawa.


HKRSF have tried, in vain, all effort in the past two years attempting to reach an agreement to merge with HKRSA along the directive of IJRU, as HKRSA insists taking up majority of the seats on the Board of the merged entity.  We understand that IJRU is disappointed when the Hong Kong merger is posted on the social media.  We have all along kept a low profile to discuss the merger with HKRSA, until an open letter was issued by the other stakeholder and reported by the local media.  The merger has thus come to the attention of the Hong Kong community. 


HKRSF is still looking forward to materializing the merge of the two organizations.  We hope that IJRU will continue to help bringing the two organizations together as in the cases of the mergers of International Rope Skipping Federation and World Jump Rope Federation, Asian Rope Skipping Federation and Asia and Pacific Jump Rope Federation which are agreed to be the international practice for merge and are fair to the parties concerned. 


Adhering to the guidance and a similar proposal of IJRU, HKRSF has recently proposed a new merger plan yesterday and made a concession for accepting HKRSA representative as the president of the merged Hong Kong Jump Rope Union. This latest proposal has the support of 2295 signed jump rope stakeholders plus the will of Hong Kong community. I hope IJRU would find this information useful when considering the situation in Hong Kong.


For the well-being of Hong Kong athlete and the to protect the rights of respective members from HKRSF and HKRSA, you may agree that it would be a desirable arrangement if the merge is based on fair and equality. Hence, we look forward to receiving your continuous attention and guidance.


Hong Kong Rope Skipping Federation(HKRSF)