Studies have found that doing exercises could be beneficial to us in many ways, such as weight loss, reduction on the risk of heart disease and diabetes, improvement in the immune system and stamina as well as the psychological well-being. Despite all the benefits, people are being physically inactive due to various reasons, time management, resource-constraints, or being amotivated.

Jump Rope could be an alternative to your choice proven that it is a premier exercise that facilitates one’s overall health. Furthermore, it is fun, inexpensive, suitable for all age groups and flexible in terms of time and place, both outdoor and indoor.

Lots of Jump Rope tricks could be created and performed in various styles depending on different routines. One could combine transferable skills from other exercise programmes with Jump Rope to create new tricks.

Jump Rope trains your alertness and agility, it also helps one to develop a sense of teamwork and social skills. What’s more? Jump Rope could enhance one’s mood, endurance, coordination, flexibility and vigour, which are essential in modern days as we go through unexpected challenges every day. So why not take your rope and jump. Have fun!

IP, Vitti Sau-mei.

PhD Wisconsin-Madison
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